Deck Design Permitting and Construction

This is a recent project that included deck design permitting and construction. 

The project also included replacing a window with a new sliding glass door.  Since we reduced the amount of solid wall on this west side of the building, the project required significant structural retrofitting from the basement to the attic.

Unfortunately, there is a shower right below the new shear wall.  When we bolted the second floor wall to the concrete stem wall below, we had to remove the existing shower.  This added two weeks to the project, and some rerouting of the copper water pipes.

The design provides for better access to the back yard, and it really extends the existing dining room to have so much outside space and extra light.

The decking material is Cypress colored Azek composite.  The railing material is tight knot cedar stained to match the decking.

New Deck Construction – After

As you can see, the resulting deck is solid enough to hand a basketball goal on.

The proximity to cars, and the size of the deck required 6×6 columns and 6×10 beams.  The post-beam connections are substantial, and the post base bracket is cast into the concrete.  The result is an extremely stiff structure that is bolted to the house through a variety of redundant structural connectors.

The new deck footings had to be at the level of the driveway so they don’t rely on the existing retaining walls.  We had to remove over 4 yards of material to do the concrete work, so it was a logistical challenge.  The alley width and driveway angle made it difficult to navigate a 2 yard dump trailer into position, not to mention the concrete truck.  Therefore, we mostly used a 1 yard dump trailer.  At 4×8, it was much easier to back into place.


New Deck Construction – Before


This was permitted and inspected by the City of Seattle, Department of Construction and Inspections.

New Deck Permit Set


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