Deck Addition

This deck addition added to the existing structure and extended further into the back yard.

This could be in the deck repair category, but the existing structure was in good shape.  We added some extra nails here and there, but largely left that portion of the deck as it was. 

We extended the deck footprint all the way to the base of the backyard slope, and added two wide steps off each side of the deck.  This provides easy access to each part of the back yard from the deck.  This design divides the yard into more distinct, smaller sections, which can make landscaping and gardening much easier.

The low design means that there was no railing required, saving quite a bit of money.  The homeowner wanted to take some of that savings and add two large planters by the house.

We framed these with 2×12 treated material, and then clad them with the Azek decking.  It is difficult to get to the underside of the planters, though it isn’t impossible.  Therefore, we drilled some holes in the planter bases to allow for some additional drainage.


Deck Addition – After Construction


The Azek decking color shown here is Cypress.  Cypress is part of the Vintage Collection, and is available at a variety of local lumber yards.  We tend to look at Dunn Lumber first for local decking projects.  They have a variety of decking displays, railing displays, and brackets for deck projects.

The images below are of the old deck that was integrated into the new deck.  The homeowner wanted to make the deck one level rather than two, so there would be more livable space on the deck.

Before Construction


Here are some pictures from the construction phase.

We mixed all the concrete in place since there were so few new footings and grade beams required.  We used Sonotubes for the formwork, so it took far less time than larger decks with more substantial footing requirements.

During Construction


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