King County RainWise Contractor



The King County RainWise Contractor program assists eligible property owners install cisterns and rain gardens on their property.  Design Scales, and other approved RainWise Contractors can assist with every part of the process, including installation, maintenance, and assistance with the rebate and grant programs.


Here is an example of a rain garden and a cistern.


Each project is approved, permitted, and inspected by the King County Waste Water Treatment Division (WTD) and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).


A great resource for more information about the “Green Infrastructure Project”, is on the site, 700 Million Gallons.


There is an urgent community need to divert stormwater into the watershed without sending it through the sewer system.  Over the years, King County has covered around 60% of the land area with rooftops and pavement.  In large storm events, the “combined system” can be overwhelmed and send untreated waste into the waterways and lakes.


This program is an opportunity for homeowners to have a professional assessment of the stormwater and drainage situation on their property.


Some benefits of upgrading your stormwater infrastructure include:

  • Preventing water from undermining building foundations on site.
  • Filtering the chemicals and pollutants leaving your property in stormwater runoff.
  • Slowing down and managing stormwater to prevent erosion.
  • Collecting stormwater for use in other ways.
  • Preventing water from entering the combined sewer system and overwhelming capacity during large storm events.
  • Rebates are available for qualifying homeowners.


Here are some examples of Rainwise projects by Design Scales:




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