Whole House Remodeling

The project started with a backyard deck with planters, a bench seat, and a new sliding glass door.

Here are some before then after pictures.

To read more about this part of the project, click here.

Once the deck was finished, we moved to the interior.  There were a few structural upgrades required, including a new footing in the basement and new posts up to the existing roof structure.

The main floor design called for repurposing one of the bedrooms into a new location for the upstairs kitchen.  It also called for vaulting the ceilings in the new kitchen and main living areas.

This project also included floor leveling and heated tile installations in the basement and new kitchen.

Here are some interior pictures from before construction.

These show the ceiling vaulting during construction.

These pictures show the new kitchen heated tile installation.

Here are some pictures of the upstairs after the major construction ended.  This shows the new vaulted ceilings and the heated floor tile.

Here are some pictures from the basement heated tile installation.  We also had to level the floor in this area.  Half the room was roughly level, but the other half sloped off by about 2 inches.

This project has taken place in bite size chunks over a period of 3 years.  This type of phased approach can make it easier to live in a house while remodeling it.

In addition to Design Scales, LLC, this project included plumbing, electrical, hvac, drywall, cabinet, and countertop contractors.  It has truly been a partnership between the homeowner and each of these contractors over an extended period of time.

We were excited to be a part of this project, and humbled by the trust we were given with our part of such a challenge.


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