Restaurant Permit for Retail Space

This project included a restaurant permit for retail space remodeling.  This customer was the general contractor in charge of construction.  They came to us for drafting and permitting services for their clients, the restaurant owners.

The project required a custom set of Architectural drawings detailing the existing conditions, as well as the proposed design and specifications.  There were several issues to consider related to the building code, and the business model of my customer’s clients, the restaurant owner.  This project had enough moving parts that it took five attempts to get the drawing set into compliance with the City of Renton, Washington.

We met a couple times to get the first permit submittal together.  Essentially, they were adding a restaurant to a convenience store.  They needed a walk in freezer, a cooking area, a cleaning area, food display cabinets, and two new restrooms.

One reason that there were so many versions of the drawings, is that the drawings help to design the project.  Once you start detailing the scaled drawings, you can see things that need to be added, or details that need to be emphasized.  This helps the permit techs, and building inspectors, quickly find what they are looking for, including an overview and detailed specifications.

For this project, one of the things that my customer, the contractor, was selling to the restaurant owners, is a seafood and shellfish display.  The way the contractor designed the water filtration system, supposedly doubled the amount of shellfish they could keep alive and ready to sell in the same amount of space.

The first versions of the drawing were fleshing out his design as much as preparing for the building permit requirements.

This is the first set of drawings resulting from our meeting and his pencil sketches.

Design Set


Here is the second set of drawings resulting from his redlining the first set of drawings.

Second Design Set


The third drawing set resulting from his notes and redlines.  This was the first set that we submitted to the city for a permit.

Initial Restaurant Permit Submittal


The city asked for more information on a variety of items.  We added more specifications and greater detail for the second permit submittal, shown here.  To indicate changes and responses to city requests, new information on this set was circled, or “clouded” for clarity.  This is officially the first revision set.  It also included a written response to each of the questions raised by the permit technician.

Second Submittal addressing Revisions


After my customer gathering more information, and specifications about the project, we added it to the drawing set.  There was a written response this time as well.  This was the second revision set, but they accepted it, so it became the “permit set.”

Restaurant Permit for a Retail Space


This project had another contractor for the construction phase.  They closed out this permit by getting inspections at particular times in the construction process.


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