Bathroom Remodel with Tile Shower Pan

This is a bathroom remodel that included a custom tile shower pan and surround.  

Design Scales provided bids for the electrical and plumbing work as well as managing those subcontractors.  In addition to the new lighting and outlets in the bathroom, the house electric panel was upgraded.

We were responsible for demolition of the walls, floor, and ceiling.  It was the original lathe and plaster, so once we started on a wall, we would go to the corner.  We replaced it with drywall, 5/8 inch on the ceiling and 1/2 inch on the walls.

Here are some images from just before the paint went on.

Bathroom Remodel – After Construction


Here are some of the images from before we started.

Before Construction


The tile is 8″ x 12″, with a 3″ x 12″ bullnose that we put around the window, shampoo nook, and curb.  We used 3/16 inch spacers everywhere.  The sanded grout color is, Bone.


The tile changes pattern one time, where the floor is a subway style pattern and the shower has a grid pattern.


There was a new outlet, and a new ceiling fan that required a new circuit from the panel.  Unfortunately, the electrical panel was at capacity and out of date.  We found this site useful in determining if an electrical panel is safe or not.


We had Mirsky Electric install a new panel, and run the new circuit to the bathroom.


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