Apartment Remodel

After a long-time tenant moved out, it was time for an apartment remodel.

This ground level one bedroom is in a dense neighborhood, yet it does not have great laundry access.  The primary focus included updating the kitchen, the bathroom, and adding a new laundry nook.

These pictures show the primary areas of work before and after the project.


We started by removing the tile and drywall around the old cast iron tub.  This gave us enough space to move the old tub around and disconnect the drain pipe.  There wasn’t much room to maneuver, however it could have been worse.

Bathroom Remodel – Before Construction


When installing tile, we use 1/2″ fiber cement backer board at shower surrounds.  We use 1/4″ backer board for floors, and countertops in most cases.  The shower tile used here, was 3″ x 6″ ceramic subway tile.  The accent around the 5 foot mark are 1/2″ x 1/2″ glass tiles.  This image shows the shower tile in progress.

Another important element of this apartment remodel was the new laundry nook.  We had to run new water lines, a new drain, a new dedicated circuit, and a new exhaust vent.  The original apartment layout had two closets accessible from the bedroom, and a coat closet in the living room.

Our solution, was to close off the living room closet.  That space became a walk-in closet accessible from the bedroom.  This resulted in a longer wall in the living room that allows for more furniture arrangements and wall hangings.

We framed over the linen closet access in the bedroom as well.  This gave more space to the new laundry nook.  The laundry nook has enough room for a stackable washer and dryer, and floor to ceiling closet depth shelving.

The kitchen is shown here before and during construction.

These solid wood cabinets were still in good shape other than the finishes.  We sanded each of them down enough to account for the new paint buildup.  They took several coats of primer and paint to cover smoothly.  We then reappointed them with new pull, and knob hardware.

Apartment Remodel – After Construction

For the countertops, we fastened two sheets of 3/4″ plywood to the cabinets as a base for the new tile.  The grout lines are 1/16″,  and the countertop tile are 12″ x 18″.

In addition to these primary tasks, it was mainly just finish work.  We put in new window sills, trim, and painted the place several times.

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