Bathroom Remodel

This is a bathroom remodel with a porcelain tub that remained in place.  

We started with the demolition, and shower valve rough-in plumbing.  Then we worked on floor tile and shower surround demolition.  Once the new tile was installed, we installed a new toilet, a new vanity, a new medicine cabinet, a new mirror, and a new sconce.

You can see the results here in the finished images.

Bathroom Remodel – After Construction

If you are interested in the construction process, some of the images below show the sequence of events and the full scope of work.

These images show the old floor tile, mirror, and shower surround tile.

Before Construction

Since the porcelain tub can be refinished, it remained in place while we updated the rest of the bathroom around it.

Before starting the tile, we insulated the walls, and installed HardieBacker – Tile Backer Board.

Here are some of the images from the tile installation.

During Construction

We finished the shower plumbing trim once all the grout was dry and cleaned up.

The other items went in pretty quickly once the tile and shower were finished.  We installed the new toilet, the new vanity, and the new sconce.

The last installations were the medicine cabinet and the new mirror.  We also put in the little bits of base trim required.

New paint was out of our scope of work, so that brought this bathroom remodel to a close.


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