Bathroom Alterations

These bathroom alterations almost added up to a full remodel.

This is the basement bathroom in a small 3 bedroom house.  The old bathroom fixtures were original, so the homeowner did most of the demolition before calling us to finish up the project.  It was a straight forward scope of work, and all the fixtures were on site, so the entire project took place in one week.

The existing tub stayed in place, and we installed a new vinyl shower surround.  The shower surround came from Morgans Plumbing, and was a good fit for the space.  The installation went smoothly, as it really just required using a hole saw at the valve and shower head.  The adhesive provided a solid connection between the vinyl and drywall.  It then required some sealant a the corners and along the base at the tub.

The concrete floor got new tile, and we installed a new toilet and vanity.

This project also included the medicine cabinet, trim, and paint.

Here are some pictures from before and during the project:

Here are some pictures of the finished project:

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