Basement Remodel

This was an unfinished basement that needed a new footing and structural post.

We started by drawing a Location Plan to submit for the permit.  The Structural Engineer specified an 18″ x 18″ footing, 10″ deep with 2 – #4 Rebar each way. The Simpson post base is cast into the new footing and bolted to the post. We added more Simpson ties at the post to beam connection.

Beyond the structural work, there was a machine room wall to frame, insulation to install, and drywall to hang and finish.

This project wasn’t complicated structurally since we were replacing the existing post in kind.  The building inspector cared most about the closet addition in the back room since it didn’t have an egress window.

We could add a “machine room” in the main area since the exterior door was there.  The building code considers the main area as a bedroom or a studio apartment.

Adding a closet in the back room, would trigger the need for a window well and an egress window.  The city can’t make a homeowner bear that cost, however they can refuse to approve a closet to keep it from functioning as a bedroom.

It is a fire hazard to sleep in a bedroom without an egress window.

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