Balcony Extension

This is a balcony extension to enlarge office space above the entry door.  We provided drawings and permitting services as well as construction services through drywall and trim.

This project had a variety of regulatory hurdles to jump through, even though it was a relatively small project. There was an independent footing inspection per the homeowner’s association requirements. There were also 6 inspections required by the city. These necessary steps more than doubled the required construction time, from three weeks to almost six weeks.

It was a fairly straight forward project with a little bit of everything. Some of it included:

  • Pulling up the flooring and demolished the area around the new footing.
  • Saw cutting the foundation, and poured the concrete.
  • Framing the new wall and second level.
  • Insulating and hanging drywall.
  • Installing the flooring, trim and painting everything.
  • Required inspections at each step.

The homeowner put out competitive bids and hired another contractor for the drywall texturing, per our request.

If you have a tenant improvement like this balcony extension, or a different type of interior remodeling project that you want to discuss, call now to get started.  We can schedule a site visit or you can upload images through the contact page, and we will get in touch with some numbers. We can help with projects larger or smaller than this balcony extension, per your needs.

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