Acoustic Remodel

This “acoustic remodel” happened in about 10 days from demo to paint. 

We upgraded the drywall and insulation in these two rooms.  It significantly reduced vibration and noise levels from passing cars and trucks.

We added roxul insulation to all the walls, and used an insulated pad that feels like a 1/2″ sheet of silly putty behind all the outlets.  These windows were already changed out, so the project was really just to insulate and hang new drywall, trim, paint, etc.

The exterior walls got an acoustic grade drywall.  Quietrock can explain it better on their website, but basically there are two drywall layers with a membrane in between.  It is heavy, and roughly 7-10 times as costly as regular drywall, but it has significantly reduced the amount of road noise that you can hear inside the house.

There were no signs of water damage or any infiltration when we opened up the walls.  The electrician was in with full access on the second day for the rough in.  The drywall was hung the third day, and then it was mud, tape, texture, trim, paint.

I highly recommend this combination of products for any basement soundproofing, media room soundproofing, etc.  If you need to dampen the sound getting into or out of your house, it is worth researching.

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