Paver Installation

In order for his grandchildren to ride their bikes around the house more easily, this customer wanted a paver installation to smooth out the path between the driveway and the back patio.

As we began the project:

We started by removing the soil and grading the slope with an 8 foot level.  Since the edge against the chain link fence needed a barrier to hold in the new layers of material, we established that part of the perimeter first.  Once these pavers were installed, we added 2″-3″ of crushed rock, brick and sand mix.

We definitely recommend this type of mix, or a course builders sand for the foundation of any paver installation project.

Importantly, this was then machine tamped, graded and tamped again.  This eliminated any soft spots in the ramp and made it more durable.


Sweeping a top layer of sand into the cracks provides a porous surface, eliminating water run off concerns.

The sand really locks in the pavers once they get wet, and really provides a great long term solution.  Doing it this way also gives you a simple repair and resetting option into the future, if necessary.

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