Landscape Construction

This landscape construction project included a concrete block wall, an entry patio, and about 50 feet of vinyl fence.

We started with the entry patio and block wall first. There were two tree stumps just below the surface that had to be dug out so that we could get everything at the right height. Once everything was graded, we used a plate compactor to tamp down the soil really well. We then added 5/8 inch minus rock for roughly a 4 inch base. The next layer was a course builders sand that has crushed brick and other aggregates. Finally, we added the 16 inch square brick faced pavers.

At the planter wall, we situated the first course below grade and added concrete on each side and within the blocks. Some of the blocks at this level had a little extra space between them to let the concrete flow between. It isn’t a traditional footing, but with a driveway on one side and plantings on the other, it will be more than enough of a base.

The vinyl fence started with the ends and the corner post. Once those were set, we put in the gate post, and the inner posts. We mostly used line of site to get these set in the concrete correctly. It wasn’t to difficult since we could stand back and gage them by the end and corner posts.

Since the fence post that holds the gate takes most of the movement, it is the most important to set solidly. To insure that this was solid over time, we put a treated 4 inch by 4 inch wood post inside the vinyl post. This gives the gate screws more to bite into, and really stiffens everything up. As the manufacturer recommended, we buried them all 3 feet deep.

Here are some pictures of the yard before we started the landscape construction.

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