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Design Scales is a Custom Deck Builder in Shoreline, Washington.  We did the design, permitting, and construction work for this deck and french door addition.  It required some drafting, engineering and several structural upgrades to the shear wall.  The large picture windows didn’t leave much wall once the french doors went in.  We bolted the second floor wall to the top plate of the basement wall.  We also added 3/4″ plywood to the interior, under the drywall.

Here are some finished pictures.

Deck Addition – After

Here are some of the pictures from the construction phase.  The footings had to be 18″ x 18″ x 10″ with 10″ of concrete above grade.  Given the slope of the yard, we had some pretty tall plinths.  The trickiest one was the upper corner, since it was closest to the deck height.

Deck Addition – During


Here are some of the drawings from the design and permitting phase.  I drafted the as-built location plan, site plan, floor plan, and house elevations, as well as the proposed versions of each.  We then sent them to the engineer in order to get a stamp and the structural details, framing plans, and structural notes.

All these things went into the permit set.  It was an over-the-counter permit, so we got it that day for the price of the fee’s.  Seattle permit fees are roughly 3% of the “estimated construction value”.

Deck Addition – Permit Set


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