Whole House Remodel

Scroll down to see the Before, During, and After images from this whole house remodel.  

We focused first on replacing the roof, then windows and doors, then floors, then siding and the deck.

Opening up the house floor plan was a primary design goal.  When we did the permit drawings, there were really just a few changes needed to improve circulation through the house.  We moved the front door from the side corner, back to the front of the house.  We also changed out a sliding glass door and two windows for three windows.  It seems to create a better rhythm to the front façade, and a more recognizable entrance point.

In order to bring light into the center of the house, we added eight sun-tubes. They are also known as sun-tunnels and various other brand names, but essentially they are flexible reflective tubes that give you many of the benefits associated with skylights, without any framing or added drywall requirements.

We changed all the windows and doors, matching the interior doors to the original mahogany closets and trim. In order to bring some consistency to the material pallet, the window sills and stair railing posts are also mahogany.


Whole House Remodel – After

It definitely had this potential when we started, but you really had to look for it.
Here are some of the “Before Pictures”:

Whole House Remodel – Before

In order to address the mold issues thoroughly, we removed the stucco siding and replaced it with a custom rain-screen system. We used IPE with a routed drip edge, flashed everything, used woven building wrap and sheet metal hat channels to create a weatherproof and breathable skin for this 1939 house.

It wasn’t without cost, however…

Here are some of the “During Pictures”:

Whole House Remodel – During

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