Custom Built-in Furniture

Custom Built-in Furniture for Home Office Conversion

Custom Built-in Furniture for a home office.  It replaces a Murphy bed in this section of cabinetry.

Since this room is an office more than a bedroom, it made sense to take out the Murphy bed and replace it with some file drawers and adjustable shelves.  We made the new cabinets out of poplar, and painted them to match.

Here is the finished product.

The construction took almost two months, but the installation happened in a few hours.  We put down a base, and attached it to the sub-floor, then we installed the drawer boxes and the bookshelf.  The last step was to put on a few pieces of trim and silicone the edges.

Here are some pictures from the construction phase and installation.

The result is a much more functional wall unit.  There is more storage and bookshelf space for office use, and it retains the shallow footprint so the room still has bedroom configuration options when there are guests.

Over the years we have done several custom built-in furniture and cabinet projects.  You can see some of the others here in the case studies section of the site.

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