Custom Cabinet Design

Custom Cabinet Design

Since detailed display models are fairly heavy, this custom cabinet design has 1.5″ adjustable shelves.  Each of the four cabinets and one window seat are made of cherry ply with steamed cherry face frames.

We used a satin wipe on polyurethane to finish each piece.

Here are some images from the construction phase.

There were a few tricky parts to building the five pieces in the shop and then assembling them in the north seattle townhouse.  The most prominent trick involved getting them to the second floor.  The staircase was around 36″ wide, but it makes a 90 degree left turn, and then has a tight 180 degree turn at the top.  Basically, we had to build the bookshelves to come apart and then go back together.  During the installation, there should just be a few last pieces of face frame and trim to add.

Here are some pictures from just after the installation.  Unfortunately the best picture we got of the window seat and bookcases was pretty dark…

The project took around six months from first meeting to the installation, but the work of building the cabinets only took about 6 weeks.  We have done several projects like this around Seattle.  You can see more of our custom cabinet design projects in the Case Studies section of the site.