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Visualization Tools For Your Remodeling Project

This client was interested in the options for a living room, bathroom, office remodel. These 3-D images illustrated the options as clearly as possible, and since it was relatively simple took about an hour to produce.  Sketchup is among the visualization tools that we use to illustrate projects.

Sometimes AutoCAD or another program will be better for complex geometry, so those drawings are imported and provide a foundation for the 3-D model.  There are a variety of programs focused on building information modeling and project management since versioning and construction administration are such costly line items.

Most of our clients have projects under 4000 sf, and simply need a permit.  Some of them need engineering, framing and construction details, but for those purposes, Google Sketchup is simpler.  AutoCAD is also very ample for the 2-D permit requirements.

In this case, the overall dimensions were taken at the first site visit.  The remaining details were extrapolated and simplified into these images.



Do you need visualization tools for your project?

Do you need scaled drawings or 3-D models?  Call now to talk about the details of your project and get a free estimate!  Image sequences like the one shown here, are part of the free estimate if your project requires it.

These tools are also effective for modeling colors and textures on a project.  It is usually very helpful for getting everyone to visualize each element that is important to the overall design concept.  Aiding this communication process graphically can help everyone stay on the same page.

You can upload images through the contact page, or call now to schedule an appointment and we can start moving your project forward.

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