Custom Cabinet Proposal

Custom Cabinet Proposal

This is a custom cabinet proposal that didn’t happen, however I thought it was still worth posting the proposed images and animation from the 3-D model.

Once the scale model is built, the cabinet shop takes measurements from the model to efficiently manufacture the design to a high degree of accuracy.  Models really help communicate intentions of the builder and the client.  A simple scale model combined with a few emails or phone conversations, and we are sure to be on the same page.

The design scales cabinet shop is located just south of downtown Seattle in the Sodo neighborhood.  We can produce your custom furniture ideas out of whatever wood you would like, or we can paint your project.  All the detailing is customized and finalized before the project starts.

When we are working on the design and building important details into the model, animations are sometimes very helpful for visualizing proportions and details of a project.  These tools are typically used for larger scale projects, but we find them extremely useful at the scale of furniture and cabinetry.

Custom Cabinet Proposal – Sketchup Animation

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We can use these tools to help with your next project!  Call now for a free estimate!

You can upload images through the contact page, or call now to schedule an appointment and we can start moving your project forward.

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