Remodeling Gallery

This remodeling gallery has a few examples of past construction projects. We work on residential remodels of all sizes, tenant improvements, small commercial projects, and more.

Design Scales can help if you are remodeling your house completely, or focusing on one of these areas:

  • basement remodel
  • garage remodel
  • kitchen remodel
  • bathroom remodel
  • room addition
  • deck addition
  • flooring installation
  • window installation
  • door installation

Design Scales can help with design and permitting if required for your project, as well as construction services.  We are experienced with demolition, footings, foundation work, flooring, framing, insulation, drywall, trim, and paint.

We subcontract Electrical work, Plumbing work, and Roofing work.

Our recent whole house remodel features a custom IPE rainscreen siding system.  We used woven house wrap and self adhesive flashing, hat channels, and 1″ x 4″ IPE with a 3/16″ drip edge routed out.

Some of these have before and after images, some are “finished images,” and some are just, “the best pictures I could get at the time.”

Thanks for looking through the furniture gallery.  Some of our past projects are outlined in more detail on the Case Studies page.

You can also see images of past Furniture Projects and Drafting Projects by checking out those galleries.
You can upload images through the contact page, if necessary, or call now to schedule an appointment and we can start moving your project forward.

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