Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

This is a small drywall repair job to cover an exposed electrical box and basement ceiling.

We did a variety of things on this job, but the before and after pictures from the drywall portion were definitely the best of the bunch.

There was some framing involved, but not much.  I pre-drilled and used screws so that splitting wasn’t a problem.  It took several passes, but basically I put on the metal corners with red mud first.  “Red” drywall mud is thicker, and a little harder to sand, but really the only choice for hanging metal corners.

I used “blue” mud for the rest of the finish since it is lighter and easier to sand.  It took several passes, but the finished product was smooth and easy to paint.  The staircase looks much cleaner with the exposed framing covered.

The insulation, even in such a small area will help with soundproofing as well as thermal regulation.

This project also included some light plumbing at a shower head stub out that was loose.  I sweat on another threaded shower head rod, and attached a new fixture.  There was some drywall repair there as well, but since I could open it from behind the shower head, the repair was quick and easy.


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