Custom End Table

Custom End Table

I like to call this a custom end table.  It started out as a trashcan, celebrating the trash (as it enters) with a halo above a normal plastic grocery bag, but it works better as an end table.

It is primarily Stainless Steel with polished aluminum brackets recycled from old table legs.  The aluminum was in rectangle form, about 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 4″, when it connected the interior of the table leg and the table foot.  This is the perfect size for the raw material of a custom bracket design.

First, we drilled holes in them on the milling machine.  Second, we rough cut the brackets on a band saw.  Third, we sanded the brackets at progressively finer grits until it shined like chrome.  We started around 60 grit and quickly took them through passes at 100, 150, 220, 300, 400 (dry and wet), then some steel wool.  The polished aluminum looks very similar to the stainless steel rod, but has a richer, deeper finish.  It is similar brushed steel.

The perforated metal is from an old commercial dishwashing tray.  The cut-out pieces were rolled and then coated with a flat black metal paint.

There was very little stainless steel required.  It took around three feet of quarter inch by quarter inch, and about the same of one quarter by on inch bar.  There was even less tubing required, so the materials weren’t the primary expense by far.

The ends of the tubing are filled with a black silicone product, and cut flush with a razor.  It retains the end cut tubing look, but doesn’t leave a hole for things to fall into.

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